Monday, July 6, 2009


When I was a little girl I believed that I could fly... truly believed it. I even remember telling some of my little friends that I could fly.

Of course, nobody can fly unless they are in a airplane or the like. But, innocent dreams of a child like I was...I truly did believe I could fly and convinced myself that I could.

And, as a teenager and young adult there were plenty of people that came in and out of my life that I believed would not hurt me and would always be my friend.... wrong! Those people that were my "B.F.F's" were only what I like to call "good time friends"... when times are good they are around but, when times are bad they bail on ya.

Just like we're all told when we are kids that "if you have sex, you'll get pregnant". For some this is very true... but, not for me. If that were the case, I would've been pregnant a thousand times over.

I believe in God, I believe in things unseen, I believe that Dr. Pepper is the best cure for a headache, I believe that my Mom is the best cook in the whole world, I believe that my husband was made just for me, I believe in myself most days, and I believe that God hears our hearts desires and its up to us to believe that he will give us what we need in his time....and I believe in fairies :)... okay j/k about the fairies thing but, I like them an awful lot!


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