Monday, August 13, 2007

Empty arms and PCOS

Have I ever told you how much PCOS sucks?
Here's a little view into my world...

To say the least... it sucks.
Whats even worse... most women who have this... don't know it until the symptoms show their ugly face. My first symptom was of course being over-weight but... most doctors/family and "friends" just thought that I was just lazy and ate alot... WRONG! Than later in life came the missing cycles... than I finally got some answers after reading a magazine article in my sisters teenager magazine. Funny how even doctors said all of this was "normal"
Yeah, its normal to have cysts choking your ovaries...and in pain constantly..yeah, its normal to be over-weight, yeah its normal to be diabetic, yeah its normal... uh-huh.
I am so angry at all the doctors/family and "friends" who just told me to lose weight... if it were that easy don'tcha think I would have already done that!?!?!?!

Before you pass judgment on the "fat girl" you may think first and remember what I've said here in this little blog... maybe she can't help it. Maybe she has some health issue like I have... did it ever cross your little self-centered pea-brain head that MAYBE not everybody is perfect?

Also, its nice that you may be pregnant or that you have 10 children but remember, that I don't have any and maybe never will. I dont want to hear "you are stressing too much and thats why you cant get pregnant"... I dont want to hear your advice on how to stand on your head and wiggle your ears to get pregnant... been there done that!