Friday, August 28, 2009

Prayerful Lullaby

Prayerful Lullaby
(for those waiting)
Written by Dan Lea

When the day comes and I look into your eyes, my heart's gonna melt.
You're going to fill me with such love I've never felt.
I wanna hear your first laugh and see your first smile
wipe away your first little tear and hold your tiny hand in mine.
Can't wait to hold you in my arms and sing you a lullaby
When you need me I'll chase the bad dreams goodbye.

Mommy and Daddy are waiting
hoping and praying for you, our beautiful grace
Mommy and Daddy are getting ready
looking forward to seeing your angelic face.

Baby, holding you would make me whole and complete
What happiness you'll bring on the day that we'll meet.
An answered prayer, a beautiful gift from above
you'll be the love of my life, I'll give up rest just to watch you sleep.
Hush little one don't you cry, I'll always be by your side.
My angel; my love you for you, I will never hide.

Mommy and Daddy are waiting
hoping and praying for you our beautiful grace.
Mommy and Daddy are getting ready
looking forward to seeing your angelic face.

Don't grow up so fast and be ready to say goodbye
While I can, I wanna hold you and sing a prayerful lullaby.

Copyright 2009

This is a song that I wrote that somewhat deals with infertility. My wife and I are going
through this and it can be painful and heartbreaking. For those out there who maybe struggling with infertility or know someone who is I want to suggest this group called The Five Waiting Wombs. They share their thoughts and struggles on infertility and other pregnancy topics.
Infertility is noting new remember that Sarah and Hannah just to name a couple were both "barren". I would like to encourage those that are struggling with this not to give up and not to lose hope. God is a God bigger than our own dreams and nothing is impossible with Him.

In The Twilight Of His Coming
aka Boo

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Things I wish I knew when I was 22

I found this online (thanks to Stumble) and I thought I would give it a go...
here's the link.

Okay, so I was 22 years old 6 & 1/2 years ago *sigh*.

So, the things I wish I knew when I was 22... where to start?...where to start?...

I wish I knew at 22 that the loser-abusive-jerkwad that I was dating would turn into said loser-abusive-jerkwad and he was not worth the time or effort that I put in to that relationship.

I wish I knew at 22 that getting involved with the above mentioned jerkwad would result in my heart aching endlessly from missing his children that I grew to love as my own.

I wish I knew at 22 that at 26 I would find my soulmate, fall deeply inlove with him and marry him 6 months after meeting him - I wouldn't have wasted my time with anybody else.

I wish I knew at 22 to take better care of myself and lose weight in order stop or lessen the symptoms of PCOS and maybe, just maybe - I would be a Mother by now.

I wish I knew at 22 that half the "crazy" stuff that my Mom said while I was growing up actually makes sense (don't you dare tell her I said that!)

I wish I knew at 22 that in 2009 the economy would crash - I would've put more money in the bank!

I wish I knew at 22 that I would need to educate myself on the fundamentals of professional baseball so that when I married my husband we would have more to talk about.

I wish I knew at 22 that the handsome native american indian man that I watched dance at a powwow would later end up being my step-dad and the only stable, unconditional, loving male role model I'd ever have and the best thing that ever happened to my Mom.

I wish I knew at 22 that I was beautiful, smart and worthy of so much more than what I was limiting myself to.

I wish I knew at 22 or atleast better realized that my grandmother's time on this earth was growing short - I would've made video recordings of her telling me her stories from when she was young. I would've recorded her making her silly little sounds and her giggle. I see a lot of her in myself and that makes me miss her even more.