Saturday, August 28, 2010

Infertility a disability?

Thoughts please...

Recently there was a discussion regarding Infertility Treatments and if they should or should not be covered by insurance companies.... and while we're on that subject since its possible that we could be moving towards a united healthcare system...

There have been many people say that Insurance companies/Govt united healthcare should not have to pay for Infertility Treatments because having a child is not a given right. And that they shouldn't have to pay for someone elses problems.

However, in my opinion... if its someones right to NOT have a child ( birth control, abstinence, abortion) than why shouldn't it be another persons right TO have a child? (Given that the person wanting to have a child is a capable adult that would be a good parent).
And for that matter... if insurance companies are paying for birth control and if the united healthcare system has the possibility of paying for abortions... than how is it fair to those that suffer with Infertility to not cover their infertility treatments.

Now, I'm definately not talking about these crazies out there like Nadiya Suleman who was not infertile and just wanted to have a litter of babies... I'm talking about true infertile couples who have done all they can do on their own to conceive with no successes and who have one or more years of trying under their belt.

I also think that if there is the chance of these infertility treatments being covered that there most definately should be a protocol followed... just like the protocols that are in place that (most) Doctors follow... such as... (in this order)
* Trying for 1 year unaided
* Trying with Clomid or other fertility pills for x amount of cycles
* Trying with Clomid or other fertility pills yet upping the dosage
* Trying with Clomid or other fertility pills + injected trigger shots for x amount of cycles
* Trying with IUI (with and without fertility meds)
* Trying with IVF which includes hormone treatments, trigger shots and the whole shabang

Disability is defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 as "a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities."

Well than... shouldn't infertility than be classified as a disability because it is infact a physical AND mental impairment that most definately limits a HUGE life activity... is it not?
If so than shouldn't insurance companies/united healthcare pay?

And while we're on this subject...
lets take a sharp left turn and talk about Adoption laws...
Shouldn't the govt be stepping it up and making it a little less difficult (especially financially) to adopt children within the US? Now I'm by no means saying that they should make it easier for the wanna be "Parent" with a history of sex crimes under their belt to be able to adopt a child... but, theres gotta be a better way than how its working currently.

Please give me your thoughts :)

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