Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I went to my doc apointment today (follow up from surgery)...
and Dr. Muffley said that the cyst wasnt attatched to the ovary at all... that it was infact attatched to one of my falopian tubes...but he said because it was so large and smashing everything that they werent really sure where the cyst was coming from until he got in there... strange huh?
He said he had a field day looking at my "innards" LOL!.. -..
But... he said the tubes are fine..he did do the dye injecter thingy and my tubes were clear.... everything came out and after removing the cyst there were no tears or holes or anything...

ummm they tested the cyst and it wasnt cancerous... he did say that was bigger than he thought... he held his hands up to show me and it was about the size of a large grapefruit... way bigger than his fist he said...

I'm also going to start back on metformin Friday Ummm... also Danny is going to go have to get friendly with a plastic cup and have his little swimmers checked... fun stuff... that'll be in the beginning of next month sometime.
and the best news EVER... I got CLOMID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAY!!!!!!! .. I'm so excited!
He said we're gonna do 50MG on cycle days 5-9 for 3 months... if I'm not preggo in the 3 months than I'll do 100MG for 3 months... than still if not pregnant than we'll go upto 150MG...
For those of you that dont know... Clomid helps women to ovulate... or ovulate stronger if they arent ovulating "enough"... hope that makes sense.
I have heard from friends of mine that Clomid makes you are a raging ball of hormones... so I'm so looking forward to being the Clomid Pyscho Poster Child LOL..but I gotta wait until Danny's S/A (sperm analysis) to start the Clomid... and he wants to do another ultrasound to make sure theres nothing growing in there since I've been having some pain issues... because I cant do Clomid if theres any cysts... ummm I think thats it
Thank you for all the prayers, well wishes etc... I'm just so excited!

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