Saturday, July 21, 2007

Dear Arabella & Elias...

Dear Arabella and/or Elias,
I dream of you, I pray for you. One day, I will hold you in my arms. One day, when God says its the right time... you will come down from the heavens and you will be my daughter or son. Your Daddy & I can not wait to see you... we already love you... we know you are in heaven waiting for the right time. Sometimes...when I'm day dreaming about you... I can almost see what you will look like... You will have your Daddy's bright and beautiful hazel eyes that change colors like a sunset, you will have dimples because both Daddy & I .. have dimples... you will have thick black hair like mine... maybe it will have a little curl like your Aunt Marcia & Uncle Derek and not straight as a board like mine. You will have your Daddy's sharp and expressive eyebrows. You will have my smile... You will have tiny hands like mine with the crooked pinkies just like me, your Aunt Marcia, your Aunt Theresa, your Grandma Paula & your Great-Grandma Ramona... thats a family legacy. You will have tan skin... but, not quite as dark as mine.... And my dear baby... you will be loved beyond this universe... by your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends... we are all waiting for you.

Love with all my heart,

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